Brainyloft Group is a Creative Agency and Start-Up Platform.

At Brainyloft, we are at the forefront of media and technology, thus enabling us to predict future trends in advertising, branding, development and marketing. We enrich peoples’ experiences by developing ideas from inception to a viable product using emerging technology such as augmented reality, blockchain and human assisted machine learning.

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Augmented Reality for Mobile


Grow your brand or start-up by allowing customers to unlock information through Augmented Reality (AR) using everyday objects and products. We provide AR solutions for everything from playful AR worlds to transformative 360° shopping experiences. From strategy and content to implementation and development, we can unlock your company’s AR potential.

Digital Marketing using AI


We provide programmatic digital marketing and advertising to automate the decision-making process of media buying by targeting specific audiences and demographics. Ads are placed using Artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for online display, social media advertising, augmented reality, mobile and video campaigns, and traditional TV.

Enterprise Level Platform Development


We design/develop highly intelligent and secure Blockchain apps, Android apps, iPhone apps, web apps and software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) for brands and startups. The technology used by bitcoin, blockchain is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way.

Machine Learning for e-Commerce


We use Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve efficiency, scale and generate a ROI from paid and non-paid marketing channels. This helps us to optimize search engine, social media and programmatic advertising results. Thus we improve customer responsiveness and by differentiating pricing strategies at the customer-product level, improving clients ROI.

Strategic Game Development


We build intuitive mobile games and provide publishing solutions from concept, go-to-market strategy, game design and development to app store optimization, app discovery, growth marketing, paid app downloads and in-app monetization. Unity or Unreal is often the engine of choice for mobile game development, but we are experienced with other platforms.

We innovate forward while remaining socially conscious.


Brainyloft Group is a creative agency and start-up platform, that works with brands and start-ups to make the world a better place through social impact and sustainability. We push the limits on creativity and innovation by leveraging data using augmented reality, automation, blockchain and human assisted machine learning to grow audiences, increase sales, build powerful sources of insight and deliver an impressive ROI.


We help our brands and start-ups achieve better results by using Artificial Intelligent based solutions, programmatic advertising and emerging technologies like Blockchain. We are extremely selective about the brands we partner with. This allows us to maintain the highest level of quality and performance.


In a world where brands and start-ups must quickly adapt to this constantly shifting  marketing and technology landscape, it’s imperative to have a creative agency and start-up platform who is one step ahead. With data science at our core we know your brand isn’t defined by just a mobile ad, landing page or a website.

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We have a very diverse management team with a wide range of skills that can help increase awareness of your brand and start-up while also having a positive social impact.

Founder, CEO
Aksh Bhakti

Marketing Advisor

Founder, CTO
Cuan-Chai Megghross

Technical Advisor

Creative Director
Tevin Rivera

Creative Advisor

Legal Director
Tejas Shah

Legal Advisor

Business Engineer
Tom Bell

Business Intelligence Advisor

Machine Learning Engineer
Dawer Jamshed

Machine Learning Advisor

Data Engineer
David Juboor

Data Science Advisor

Full-Stack Engineer
Mike DeMaria

Full-Stack Development Advisor

Infrastructure Engineer
Dmytro Babyk

Infrastructure Advisor

Sourcing Engineer
Lucky Rajeswaran

Sourcing Partner Advisor


Once we develop a concrete strategy, our creative, marketing and technology teams collaborate to breathe life into your brand, product or service.

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It all starts with a conversation and as a creative agency and start-up platform listening is what we do best. We love listening to our clients and entrepreneurs, because it helps us to create insight-driven creative that generates real-world results.

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