Brainyloft is an app development, web development and digital marketing firm based in Philadelphia, PA. We are a small dedicated team of designers, developers, thinkers and makers spanning multiple industries including Entertainment, Fashion, Industrial Design, Marketing, Mobile, Music, Software and Technology. At Brainyloft complicated ideas are transformed into simple, eye-catching works of art through our interactive creative process and intuitive collaboration.

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka


Cuan-Chai Megghross
Creative Director, Web Developer
Lakshman ‘Lucky’ Rajeswaran
Business Director, Business Analyst
Aksh ‘Ace of Bace’ Bhakti
Marketing Director, Digital Strategist


App Development

App Development services include iOS Development in Xcode and Objective-C, Android Development in Java and Web App Development in ASP.NET, DHTML, Django, HTML5, Javascript, JSP/Java, MySQL, PHP, Python and Ruby on Rails.

Web Development

Web Development services include but not limited to Landing Pages, E-Commerce and other Custom Development. We also support and provide development on the following platforms WordPress, Drupal, Topspin and Shopify.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services include but not limited to Analytics, Ad Copy, Graphic Design, Digital Partnerships, Digital Strategy, Digital Public Relations, Email Marketing, Fan Engagement and Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management.


Merchandising services include but not limited to 3D Molding, Conceptualization, Custom iPhone Case, Design, E-Commerce Management, Fulfillment, Industrial Design, Mass Production, Mobile Phone Case Priniting, Sourcing and T-Shirt Printing.


Check out our portfolio below.

Stuffocean ‘Marketplace’ App
App / Digital Marketing / Mobile / UI / web
Cuba Libre ‘Bailamos NYE’ Landing Page
Cuba Libre ‘Bailamos NYE’ Website
Mason’s ‘CandyFlippin EP’ Landing Page
Digital Marketing / web
Mason’s ‘GotMason’ Website
Adrian Lux ‘Wildheart’ Coverart


Call or Text 747-200-LOFT (5638)

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